On September 22, we hosted our first annual Color Block Party. We had a full house of old and new friends, showing incredible support for our mission. 

We couldn’t have done it without the help of so many.

Thanks to our sponsors: Block Level – Kranzberg Arts Foundation, Laz Jazz Fest and the Brothers Lazaroff; Intersection Level – Incarnate Word Foundation; Sidewalk Level – U.S. Bank and The Unico System; Porch Level – Capes Sokol, Development Strategies, Sterling Bank, Valeria Creative, Chris Hansen, Phil Minden, John Pitman; Ticket Donors – Smith NMTC Associates LLC and Eric Gilbert.

Chris Hansen and Becky Hale of Kranzberg Arts Foundation really shepherded the vision of the event and made it so easy for us. Thank you!

Thanks to Turn and Blvck Spvde and The Cosmos for bringing their respective food and music flavor to the event. (In the video below, you are hearing The Cosmos’ single “Doom”.)

So many other artists also brought so much beauty to the event. Valeria Creative’s program, Jenny Murphy’s banner, Sarah Paulsen’s live animation, Martell Stephney’s photography, and JM3 DJ’s & Productions’ photo booth really made the event come alive. Thanks!

Finally, thanks also to Wild Ginger Weddings for the vase donation, our MC and Board member Pacia Elaine Anderson and our volunteers making for the night go so smoothly.

See you next year!