Fact Sheet

  • The St. Louis Art Place Initiative is a forthcoming community land trust with a mission of building wealth and equity through homeownership for low- and moderate-income artists of all disciplines.
  • Art Place realizes this vision through the creative re-use and preservation of vacant and deteriorating properties. We work with existing community organizations, civic leaders, small business and other government and civic agencies to ensure that our housing initiatives meet the needs and serves the constituents of the community, while developing and integrating artist live/work spaces which enrich the lives of the artist, existing neighborhood residents and the St. Louis region as a whole.
  • The first development of the St. Louis Art Place Initiative is the Gravois Park Art Place, comprising 14 vacant lots and 11 structures in a 4 by 1 block radius in the Gravois Park neighborhood.
  • The development will provide local artists an opportunity to become homeowners, incentivizing them based on a set of criteria using a racial equity lens and intentional strategies to promote fair housing practices. We encourage artists from immigrant and historically marginalized backgrounds to apply.
  • Artists who qualify will have a commitment to living and working in St. Louis, demonstrate professionalism at their craft, and prove financial capacity (non-traditional banking histories will be considered). Artists will have the opportunity to impact the design of the space and interior finishes.
  • Artists will have access to a broad range of community services including, homeownership and financial capacity building.
  • The St. Louis Art Place Initiative will work closely with the community, civic partners, and neighbors through a transparent process, engaging them through town halls and other opportunities to become directly involved.
  • Artists will build creditworthiness and equity through first time home ownership and timely payments over the life of the mortgage. Should artists choose to sell their homes, they will be sold back to the trust. The value of the homes will be tied to a specific resale formula that preserves affordability to ensure that low- and moderate-income artists will be able to live in the homes in perpetuity.
  • The St. Louis Art Place Initiative is overseen by a board of directors including the following members:

Chris Hansen – Executive Director, Kranzberg Arts Foundation
Bridget McDermott Flood – Executive Director, Incarnate Word Foundation
Felicia Shaw – Executive Director, Regional Arts Commission
Nicole Hudson – Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academy for Diversity and Inclusion at Washington University in St. Louis
Grace Kyung – Project Manager, Urban Strategies
Gary Pierson – Partner, Pierson Wells
Kevin McKinney – Executive Director, SLACO
John Pitman – Architect, SPACE Architecture + Design
MK Stallings- Artist and Founder, Urb Arts
Gavin Kroeber – Studio for Art & Urbanism

  • The Incarnate Word Foundation, Regional Arts Commission, and Kranzberg Arts Foundation, as founding organizations, will hold permanent board seats to ensure that the founding intent, mission, and values will carry through the life of the project.
  • Incarnate Word Foundation, the originators of this vision, have brought significant investment and strategic partners to this project. They will continue to bring their expertise in community engagement, social work, and advocacy for low-income and families of color.
  • The Regional Arts Commission will ensure integrity and transparency in the artist engagement, application, and selection process. The Regional Arts Commission serves the board to advocate for artists and bring best practices to the process and ensure that the public and artists in the region are represented at the table. The Regional Arts Commission will bring no public funds to the project.
  • In line with their mission of serving and supporting artists through Infrastructure, The Kranzberg Arts Foundation will bring significant investment to get the first development off the ground. The Kranzberg Arts Foundation also bring their design and development expertise, as well as their industry contacts to the board.
  • The St. Louis Art Place Initiative will work closely with neighbors, elected officials, community organizations, and local stakeholders to ensure ongoing conversations regarding the resulting effects of this development. We acknowledge that development can have negative secondary impacts, such as increased rents and possible displacement. We have a commitment to the neighborhoods we work in and want to promote positive, equitable revitalization. Local resident and stakeholder participation is encouraged in the sub-committees of our organization to facilitate transparency and accountability